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Small Actions - Big Results

April 17, 2020

Hey, everybody. I'm not famous. I'm not rich. But, I want to make a difference. I believe that you do too.

Every once in a while we get a chance to do something good. And, if we can benefit from it at the same time, it's all the better. This is one of those times. I've been a financial advisor for over thirty years. But, many of you don't realize that I have also been an author of mystery/suspense novels. Neither of those efforts have generated enough wealth for me, alone, to make a difference in a way to assist with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Together, maybe we can. As such, from now until the end of 2020 I am going to donate 100% of every dollar I make from the sales of my five available novels to non-profit in the aid of getting the COVID-19 disease under control. These donations will be sent to W.H.O., C.U.R.E. and other COVID-19 targeted organizations that are focused on helping us conquer this disease and assist to get us back to a healthy and happy way of life.

However, I need your help for it to matter. By myself, I can't do much. I'm just one person with little to offer. But, together, we can generate more than any of us can do alone.

Here's how it works: 

     1st- Buy one (or more) of the books listed below. That's it! 

Once you make your purchase, 100% of what I earn from that purchase will be collected with the books from everyone else. When I get paid, those funds will then be sent to one or a multiple of most efficient COVID-19 non-profits organizations I can find. Each of these transactions will be monitored by one of our company's compliance officers to ensure that each dollar will get where it is supposed to go. And you get to keep and read the book(s).

     2nd- Tell everyone you know. It only works if we get the word out. Post or share the message on your feed. Call your friends. Text. I don't care how the word gets out, but I need you to make sure it gets out. Let's make a difference. Let's make our "Small Action" generate "Big Results." You can see them all quickly on Amazon by clicking on my author name, L.C. Wright or check them out first to get a better idea which one you want. 

And don't forget, you can also buy a copy for family and friends. 

Here are the books:

Castle Grey - A Katt and Mouse Mystery:

(Mystery, Police)

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. The home of such a man existed a hundred years ago. A rich, egotistical, megalomaniac built it and used it for science as well as pleasure. Now his great-grandson has returned to re-establish the family's traditions. Seven women are dead because of the curse of Castle Grey. Katherine Katt (FBI Profiler) and Mickey James (Police Detective) are as compatible as oil and water. When they are forced to work together to solve a series of murders, the sparks fly and the humor abounds as they get into the mind of an evil person like neither of them had ever encounter before. To get your copy, click here. It's available in Kindle, Paperback and Audible

Long Shot - A Katt and Mouse Mystery:

(Mystery, Police)

Once again, FBI profiler and Detective Mickey James are thrown together in a battle of wills and wit as a city's lawmakers are being murdered one at a time. Katt's purpose for being there is a matter of duty. James' purpose is more personal. His cousin is the only survivor and he wants to make sure the killer doesn't come back to finish the job. In order to succeed, Katt and Mouse need the help of someone even more dangerous than the person they seek. What they don't know is whether he is truly there to help, or is he using them to further and finish a jog he had already started.Available in Kindle, Paperback and Audible.

Connections - The Devil's Door: 

(Mystery, Supernatural) 

What she has, science will tell you is impossible. What she does, religion will refute. Who she is, Tristan Elizabeth Badger will deny.
Tristan came to Carmel Valley, California to get away from the psychiatrists and the military think tanks in order to be…ordinary.
From the time she was a child, her mind refused to act like other children. As a young deputy with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department, she wanted nothing more than to live in peace and never again deal with those who visited unannounced. But, fate has a way of dragging us where we are needed.
A killer wants revenge. The one he hates the most will have to suffer the greatest iniquities. For practice, others like her will be used in torturous practice for him to gain the finest skills necessary to sustain her suffering for as long as possible. Each time he fails, he stuffs the remains inside an old refrigerator and disposes of the bodies where the odds of their discovery are as remote as the locations he chooses.
In spite of her desires, the ghosts of her past will come and lead her where her dreams have already been painted. She will traverse the land of the Esselen Tribes. She will enter their sacred caverns. She will learn that in order to look to the future, she must first explore and then conquer the past. In time, the ghosts will lead her home. With their guidance, she will learn that all things are sacred.
Together, they will finally lock…The Devil’s Door. Get here at Kindle, Paperback and Audible.

Through the Eyes of Death: 

(Mystery, Thriller)

“Through the Eyes of Death” approaches the murder mystery genre from both the perspective of the protagonist and through the eyes and mind of a madman. The story is about people who believe that with enough money and a total lack of scruples, you can get away with murder.
Heroes, real heroes, seldom want to save the day. They didn’t start out thinking they would save the girl, take down the bad guy and get it done before breakfast. Those heroes are for the movies or cheesy mystery novels. That isn’t Ben Simeon. This small town cop had already fought his battles while serving his country. He already won his medals and no longer wanted to play the part. He longed for peace and quiet. He longed for his wife and daughter to be home when he got there. So many times he wished for these wonderful parts of his past. But they were gone. He would never again see his beautiful wife or hold his precious child. That was the past. That is what made this man a hero. His family. If he couldn’t have them, he just wanted to be left alone to do his job.
Fortune makes a hero. And whether he liked it or not, Detective Benjamin Simeon would once again be forced to take up the badge of honor and fight until order was restored. Available on Kindle, Paperback and Audible.

The Witch's Glove:

(Mystery, Cozy)

Sadie Lee Branch is an investigative reporter who needed to drop everything to go help her family. What was supposed to be a nice change of pace quickly turned in to murder, larceny and betrayal. Sadie discovered quickly that ten years away from home was a long time and the friends (and enemies) you knew could change a lot in that time. Without knowing who to trust, the girl that got away was afraid that coming back could cost her a lot more than the loss of an old acquaintance. It could cost her everything. Get you copy in the following formats, Kindle, Paperback and Audible.